New vertical card compass for R22

The GSA-48N Vertical Card Compass is the latest addition to our extended range of navigational gauges. The compass is generally found in the R22 Robinson helicopter, but can be used in any type of aircraft that has replaced the fluid damped compass by a dry magnetic compass design.

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Flight Illusion to attend FSweekend

Flight illusion will attend the Fsweekend for the 9th time. The event takes place in the Aviadrome Aviation Musem in Lelystad on November 1st and 2nd.
We will showcase our product, especially some new projects like the combined IAS altimeter, the RMI-DME-PRO and the rudder trim indicator.
We'll keep you informed in the next weeks of each new item.

New Cessna gauge set available

We have noticed that a lot of customers ordered all the cessna gauges separately, without ordering the Bendix King radio stack. When asked, a lot of respondents mentioned that they already had invested in radio modules from GoFlight or Saitek. But they were missing out on the savings that are given to those who order the SET-172. (that's 10% discount)

So, we have added a new set to our bundle offerings. The SET-172-NA is exactly the same, but does nit include the Bendix King Radio stack. and if you order the whole set of gauges, you still benefit the 10% discount.

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V10.2 released for FS

Flight Illusion has release version 10.2 of the software, correcting some minor bugs and driving now the RMI-PRO version. The new software os compatible with FS2004, FSX and Prepar3D. You can download it directly from the download pages. It is a full setup, including cabinet files and config files.

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stronger motors driving the force feedback yokes

Flight Illusion has made some modification to the force feedback hardware, using now even stronger motors to drive the force feedback motion. The haptic feeling is now almost as realistic as a real plane. It will really keep you involved in the simulation as you will need to counteract on every turbulence if you want to keep the airplane on its course.

modify your attitude indicator

The HW-FPB is a front bezel with pitch plane to substitute the standard bezel of the GSA-34 or GSA-35 attitude indicators. If you have a standard attitude indicator and want to upgrade to the version with the pitch plane, you can use this new product. By replacing the bezel of your attitude indicator with the HW-FPB you can enhance it in no time. Have a look at the video tutorial. 

have a look at the video tutorial