Version 10.0.6 now released for FSX and P3D

Flight Illusion has released the latest version of the software. Version 10.0.6 is addressing some improvements and bug fixes. It drives also the latest gauges like the RMI-PRO and RMI-PRO-DME. The software can be used for FS2004 as well as FSX. It also drives the gauges for use with Prepar3D.

You can download the full install here for FS2004.
You can download the full install here for FSX.
You can download the full install here for Prepar3D.



New: Sim Centre - Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

Flight Illusion has build their own simulators. They are mainly used for test, development and demo of new software and products but they can also be rented. For an impression and a demo of our products in action take a look at the website! Click here to see the website of

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New combined IAS/altimeter gauge

After a concept introduction during the latest FS-show in Lelystad, Flight Illusion is now proud to present the GSA-125, a combined indicated airspeed / altimeter gauge. The GSA-125 is the latest development for the new generation B737 aircraft. It holds in one gauge the indication for IAS and altitude. Click here to see the gauge in action

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New Force Feedback Cessna Yoke

Flight Illusion is launching a new version of the Force Feedback Yoke with a metallic Cessna control wheel. The control wheel has 2 buttons (one push button and one trim button). These buttons can be programmed in the software.
The new yoke has the label HW-FFB-CSN and is built on the same sturdy mechanical basis as our other Force feedback units. The force feedback allows for a constant haptic feeling of your flight simulation. You will feel the bumps on the ground, the turbulence...

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Aviation megastore to launch Cessna FFB yoke

Aviation Megastore is our launch customer for the new Cessna Force feedback yoke.
Aviation Megastore has been selected as the launch customer of the new force feedback yoke with Cessna Control wheel. The new yoke will be available online but will also be showcased in their shop near Schiphol (Amsterdam, Holland) where you can try it out.The yoke will be available exclusively via Aviation Megastore from november 15 until December 31st.

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PROSIM737 to make new RMI compatible.

We have very good news for all our Flight Illusion customers who use PROSIM 737 as their add-on software in simulation. Marty already programmed all the MIP and OVH gauges to be compatible with his add-on, but he is now working on the new GSA-RMI-P and the GSA-RMIDME-P. Both gauges simulate a B737 RMI with or without DME with working compass rose, 2 pointers and 3 flags.